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Do you need concrete for a concreting job in Birkenhead & the Wirral


We are known across Wirral for supplying domestic concrete for DIY jobs. Our team has the skill and know-how to lay the correct amount of on-site mixed concrete required for your project. We therefore have complete confidence that you will be absolutely delighted with the great results that our concrete products deliver, helped by using only materials of the highest quality in our concrete mix.

What we can help with – from home extensions to conservatories


Concrete is an essential element in construction, providing stability and longevity. It is used extensively in flooring, footings and foundations and is very useful for protecting structures from the weather, forming strong foundations and weatherproof exteriors for building projects including conservatories and home and garage extensions.


We offer concrete that is ideal for enhancements to your garden as well as to your home. Concrete from AMAC Concrete is perfect for use in garden walls and paths, patio bases, greenhouses and shed bases.


Patio Bases


To ensure that you get the most from your patio, whether for outdoor dining or for simply lying in the sun, it is important that it is built on secure and long-lasting foundations – such as that provided by our concrete!


Green House and Shed Bases


The durability of our outdoor concrete makes it ideal for effective green house and shed bases. Carefully mixed in the appropriate proportions, our concrete offers you a good value, long lasting, greenhouse or shed base.

Help in the garden needed?


Garden Walls and Paths


To ensure strength and longevity, garden walls and paths must be constructed on a secure base, and with strong adhesive holding the components together. AMAC Concrete is here to help with concrete that you will be able to rely on for many, many years.


Our selection of fibre-reinforced concrete is designed to be used in projects such as paving, patios and pedestrian and parking areas. Fibre-reinforced concrete has greater strength, is more durable in these circumstances and, importantly, is less likely to crack. As with our other types of domestic concrete, we mix fibre-reinforced concrete on-site which provides as much time as possible to work with the concrete.


– No waste on site
– No project too large or too small
– Mixed to your exact requirements
– Concrete pumping specialists
– We don’t dump and run!

What Our Clients Say About Us

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