Concrete Floors

Concrete floors on Wirral


Every building project needs a floor that will provide a suitable surface for the building’s intended use. Concrete flooring is always popular because of its stability and durability and here at AMC Concrete we offer the highest quality concrete floors to make sure that it’s as long lasting as possible.


Our team are equipped with the necessary skills to ensure that you receive the concrete flooring mixtures that best suit your needs

Types of Concrete Flooring

When specifying the flooring for a building project it is important to give due consideration to concrete flooring mixture as it can provide long lasting stability and versatility. AMAC Concrete has a team of experts that are very skilled at producing and laying concrete flooring. Whether you are looking for concrete flooring to use in a domestic or commercial setting, we’re here for you in Wirral.


Our team also specialise in producing and laying slab concrete for domestic projects in and around Wirral. Slab concrete is straightforward to work with, self levelling and will last for a long time, all factors that make it ideal for domestic sub-floors.

It is also very cost effective and, as with our other types of concrete, we use on-site mixed concrete which gives the maximum time with which to work with it. Slab concrete is a particularly strong option when another surface is to be laid on top of the concrete and the concrete can be pumped directly into your sub-floor and tailored to meet the specific ground conditions present.


If we can provide any further information about concrete floors or laying in Liverpool please get in touch with the team here at AMAC Concrete.

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