Site & Concrete Preparation


Please be aware that concrete is a strong alkaline and can burn your skin so gloves, appropriate clothing and footwear are essential.


To calculate the volume of concrete, you need to measure the length x width x depth of your job.


E.g. 6 metres x 3 metres x 150mm depth (6 x 3 x 0.15) = 2.7 cubic metres.


If you are having trouble working it out, please phone or email us with the dimensions and we can work it out for you. Please note that the actual amount of concrete delivered may differ from that quoted, either more or less, depending on the accuracy of the measurements and a uniform depth. This is the amount that will be charged for. Minimum delivery charge is 1 cubic metre.


When we arrive at your site we need to get our truck as close as possible to where you want the concrete placed so please remove any vehicles. Also ensure that the route to barrow the concrete is clear and that any ramps or boards to travel over are sturdy and secure. We can then park up and start placing concrete within a few minutes of arrival.

AMAC trucks carry 8.0 cubic metres of concrete materials. If you need more than this we can refill and return or send two trucks. Traditional concrete trucks typically only carry 6 cubic metres, have a strict time limit on how long they remain onsite and may charge extra after this time. They may also charge you for disposal of any unused concrete that you ordered and do not provide a barrow service.

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